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Tina Porter is a nationally recognized Yoga and Meditation teacher located in Denver, CO. Tina focuses on the psychology of Yoga and integration of breath into every day life. She currently teaches at select studios in Denver, leads events and offers private programs to both individuals and corporations. She has taught classes, workshops and retreats all over the world including in Mexico, Nepal and Nicaragua. Tina has taught for The Yoga Journal Conference, Open Sky Events: Yoga Rocks the Park, The Telluride Yoga Festival and a series of Yoga Rocks the Mountains across the Front Range.

Tina has been invited to lead Yoga Teacher Training groups for several renown studios. With a similar curriculum across the board, she felt there were key instructional elements missing in many courses. She went on to develop The EmPOWERMENT Training Series™ in 2012 to integrate her specialized teaching style and subject matter. After several years and successful training graduates, Tina has evolved her EmPOWERment Series into new programs available to both small and large groups.

The Denver Post and 5280 (Denver’s Premiere Magazine, Top of the Town) considers Tina Porter “One of Denver’s most sought-after yoga instructors.” Life with two children is what nourishes her daily practice; fueling her classes that are a true example of her integrity and devotion. Her transformative style of teaching utilizes Yoga Asana, Yoga Psychology and Integrative Breath Therapy .

Tina lives with her two sons and husband in Denver. She loves to hike, snuggle and show the world that the real yoga starts when you roll up the mat and walk out of the studio.

“May your practice continue to encourage you to bridge the gap between your conscience and your conduct. May you find that Yoga will help clear the cobwebs in your body and mind so that, you too, can allow room for more energy, confidence and pure joy.” — Tina


My name is Tina Aisner Porter and I am a Yoga/Meditation Instructor and Breath Therapy Coach.

I’m the youngest of four girls who was raised by two Moms in the mountains of Colorado. My youth was eclectic and colorful to say the least.

My maternal grandfather grew up in an orthodox Jewish home in Boston, but raised his family on both Judaism and Christian Science. Any true dogma was diluted over time as beliefs funneled into a spiritual casserole. My family celebrated all traditions. During Hannukah we’d light candles and say the prayers while giggling…  because the Hebrew was always screwed up and nobody really knew what they were doing. For Christmas, the stockings were hung and Santa came with loads of gifts. Easter egg hunts were massive and Passover Seders were special traditions in our grandparents home near Chicago.

I come from a patchwork background that taught me
early on to search, seek, be resourceful and find my own groove.

We lived in a cabin… Laura Ingalls style. At night, ice formed on my blankets beneath my nose from the condensation while I slept. I made fires in the wood stove before stepping out into the freezing temperatures to wait for the school bus. Our electricity bill was about $9 a month because we always had candles and kerosene lanterns lighting our way. There was no shower, just a beautiful old clawfoot tub. I lived with two moms, and it was always fun! They loved having friends over, games, baking and movies. The two mom’s were always at the forefront of the next fad diet: Dexatrim, Herbalife and always a Diet Coke. At one point, we even drove around with a giant magnet stuck to the car: ‘Lose weight now! Ask me how!’ (and in the 80’s, that wasn’t embarrassing.) What was embarrassing was the fact that my (biological) mom was a practical joker and had a fake sandwich stuck to the dashboard of her van with fake wilted lettuce and tomato that stayed there for about 6 years. Fake eggs in the fridge, fake dog poop…  you know, all the jokes they sold at Spencer’s Gifts? Yep, my mom bought them all.

Our family was always involved in the theater. We were in the school talent shows and community plays; I even traveled and sang with a nationally recognized singing group, which is where my love for globe trotting began. When I was 16, my artist mother recognized that ‘gypsy spirit’ and sent me out to explore the world. Digging for clues and piecing resources together, she learned that a “Jewish” mountain girl had a darn good chance of getting a full scholarship through a major federation to attend an agricultural boarding school in… Israel. I mean, I wanted to go to Australia or England, somewhere where I’d come home with a fancy accent. But no, for my senior year of high school, we accepted that scholarship and off I went to milk cows instead of shop for a prom dress. I LOVED every minute of it. I loved the people, the patriotism, the food and the land. After I returned, I felt the need to go back, and so The University of Haifa accepted me and I was gone for another year.

I traveled through the Middle East and Europe, and while I was fully immersed in life overseas, I also craved guidance and direction. I needed to get back to the US, and upon my return I landed an audition for The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. Manhattan became home for the next two years and I was living my dream: acting, dancing and singing again. With a “why not?” attitude, I then headed west to pursue my acting career in Los Angeles. I did it all: the head shots, the auditions, the shoulder-rubbing, and soon I landed roles in network television, small independent films and commercials. Life was good. Things were on the shiny side, and I even found true love in the city of angels with my now husband, Jeff. BUT… professionally there were rejections. Lots of rejections. And it soon became tough on my heart and soul.

Faced with these challenges and comparisons daily, Yoga found me.

One afternoon my friend Marc picked me up to go to a movie, but suggested we take a yoga class instead. At that stage in my life, along with most of the western world, all I knew of yoga was contorted skinny men and women with unitards on PBS. Yoga seemed old and dusty, unattainable and odd, but I embraced the opportunity and once again said “ sure, why not?” Marc gave me one piece of advice, “Just listen to e v e r y t h i n g this guy has to say.” and from that day forth, Bryan Kest became my teacher who has changed my life forever. For the next 11 years, I listened, I breathed, I moved, I questioned, and ultimately, I transformed. It was something I didn’t plan for, but that is the point. We never know where or when our teacher(s) will appear. We never know exactly how they will lead us, or inspire the next chapter in our lives, we just have to be open to the opportunity.

Due to Jeff’s work, it came time to leave LA, and discover a new path. Uncertain of what I would do, it was Bryan who told me “You’re going to teach.” Although this seemed abstract and not on course with my entertainment dreams, I felt his words to be true to my soul and never questioned my ability to share something that seemed so natural. The curtains pulled back, the costumes fell away, and I went from acting to being. My new red carpet would be my yoga mat gifted to me by Bryan and I would never look back with regret only loving gratitude.

My yoga has opened me, protected me, strengthened me, and provided to me that ever-so important and wise PAUSE. It is the pause between stimulus and response… The pause that helps us see the truth and move past the story.

so, who am I?

I am Tina Porter: a teacher who connects people to themselves and to each other. I am like you, with the same day to day struggles, insecurities, difficult experiences and relationships. I am a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter and a sister. Through my years on the mat, I’ve uncovered a sensual, empowered feminine force in myself.

I believe that breath is the ultimate path to clarity and calm,
and my true calling is to teach you how to find it.

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